A quick and dirty introduction to solving hyperbolic conservation laws

Finite volumes

Last week, I ran a 1-day tutorial at the Workshop on Design, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Green Vehicles and Transportation. The idea was to teach attendees about Python programming, basic theory of hyperbolic conservation laws, finite volume methods, and how to use PyClaw, all in the space of a few hours.

Inspired by Lorena Barba’s recent release of AeroPython, I decided to develop a short set of IPython notebooks for the tutorial. The result is HyperPython, a set of 5 lessons (plus Python crash course):

These won’t make you an expert, but if you’re looking for something short, practical, and fun, please give them a try. You may also find the last two notebooks useful if you’re looking for a good introduction to PyClaw.

These may be greatly expanded in the future into a full-fledged semester-length course.