The one thing I can't stand about blogger (and Google in general!)

Why, oh why does Google try to figure out what language I speak based on my IP rather than using my browser's language setting or my google account language? Any time I delete cookies and then go to blogger, I'm greeted by this:

The same goes for searching the web with Google -- it's always trying to send me to and give me search results in Arabic. Even if I type '' into the browser bar; it redirects me!
This even though I'm logged into my Google account, which specifies English as my native language:

It's maddening. And there are plenty of pages like this one on Google's own websites where people have pointed out the problem, but to no avail.

A tip for others who have this problem: I go to to search. That one's always in English (which also doesn't really make sense). I haven't found a good solution for Blogger, except to try all the available links until I get the right one. If this blog ever disappears, it's probably because I clicked 'flag this blog as abusive' by accident too many times.