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The PETSc DMDA is not lightweight

(unless Yokozuna is lightweight)

In this PETSc-users thread, my good friend Matt Knepley claims that the DMDA object is lightweight, and suggests that it is okay to make them willy- nilly. Unfortunately, my experience indicates ot… Read more

Notes 2014.03.03

Finally figured out what was wrong with the stability regions for the deferred correction methods in Nodepy when (0). See these notebooks. I also sat with Roland and got the latest ver… Read more

Notes 2014.02.27

Investigated stability regions for high order deferred correction schemes; see this notebook. Finally, after about a year of searching, found a way to redirect all output from distutils to a file. … Read more

The Schrodinger equation is not a reaction-diffusion equation

Recently, a stackexchange answer claimed that the Schrodinger equation is effectively a reaction-diffusion equation. I’ll set aside semantic arguments about the meaning of “effectively”, and give a… Read more

Notes 2014.02.22

Discussed time stepping for aeroacoustics with Antony Jameson at Stanford. Also reviewed a couple of his group’s papers on high order flux reconstruction schemes. Insights from von Neumann analysis… Read more

Open access is about open access, not journals

Just do it yourself

In October, Science Magazine conducted a survey regarding open access. Among the questions:

How important is it for scientific papers to be freely accessible to the public? Of the papers that you … Read more
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floatright I am an assistant professor of applied mathematics at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where I lead the Numerical Mathematics Group.

My research involves analysis and development of numerical methods for integration of ordinary and partial differential equations, as well as the implementation of such methods in open source, accessible, high performance software and its application to understanding behavior of nonlinear waves in heterogeneous materials.

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