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Saving the world, one numerical method at a time

How and why I’m teaching my kids to code

A matter of literacy

I think that most of the world today drastically underestimates kids – and by so doing, often harms them. Kids love learning, creating, and achieving. We do them no service by providing everything … Read more

Clawpack turns 20

Happy Birthday!

Twenty years ago, version 1.0 of the Conservation LAWs PACKage (CLAWPACK, now Clawpack was first released by Randy LeVeque. It seems fitting to take the occasion to look back on the intervening yea… Read more

Teaching in the open

enabling the collaborative teaching revolution

If you examine the menu bar above, you’ll notice that my site has a new top-level page: Teaching. This is a direct result of my attending Greg Wilson’s inspiring keynote at Scipy 2014. That link wi… Read more

KAUST goes open access

I’m proud to announce that as of today, KAUST has officially adopted an open access policy! What it means Institutional open access (OA) policies are a primary tool in the effort to allow academics… Read more

Teaching with SageMathCloud

During the past Spring semester at KAUST, I again taught AMCS 252, our masters-level course on numerical analysis for differential equations. I’ve been teaching the course using Python for 5 years … Read more


A quick and dirty introduction to solving hyperbolic conservation laws

Last week, I ran a 1-day tutorial at the Workshop on Design, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Green Vehicles and Transportation. The idea was to teach attendees about Python programming, ba… Read more
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floatright I am an associate professor of applied mathematics at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where I lead the Numerical Mathematics Group.

My research involves analysis and development of numerical methods for integration of ordinary and partial differential equations, as well as the implementation of such methods in open source, accessible, high performance software and its application to understanding behavior of nonlinear waves in heterogeneous materials.

  • Office: 4202 Al-Khawarizmi Building
  • Email & online networks: linked from icons below.