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Saving the world, one numerical method at a time

Testing whether your code produces the correct plots – in Python and on Travis

How to use matplotlib’s image_comparison decorator in your own project

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea of testing the scientific code I write, and now I am a huge fan of this approach. It saves huge amounts of time and vastly improves the quality of my research by helping me catch bugs early and often. I use nose for automatically finding and running al… Read more

Reviewing my marathon training using MapMyFitness and Pandas

Some fun with data

I’m training for a marathon and I use MapMyFitness (MMF) on my iPhone to track my mileage and pace for each workout. MMF has a public API and Jason Sanford has written a Python front end for it. Which means that I can easily get hold of all my data in Python and explore it with Pandas! To run thi… Read more

How and why I’m teaching my kids to code

A matter of literacy

Solving PDEs: fun for all ages

I think that most of the world today drastically underestimates kids – and by so doing, often harms them. Kids love learning, creating, and achieving. We do them no service by providing everything for them, or by “protecting” them from challenging tasks. This troubling trend is manifest across th… Read more

Clawpack turns 20

Happy Birthday!

Twenty years ago, version 1.0 of the Conservation LAWs PACKage (CLAWPACK, now Clawpack was first released by Randy LeVeque. It seems fitting to take the occasion to look back on the intervening years. What follows are my thoughts on some of the great things that have resulted.

As far as I can … Read more

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floatright I am an associate professor of applied mathematics at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where I lead the Numerical Mathematics Group.

My research involves analysis and development of numerical methods for integration of ordinary and partial differential equations, as well as the implementation of such methods in open source, accessible, high performance software and its application to understanding behavior of nonlinear waves in heterogeneous materials.

  • Office: 4202 Al-Khawarizmi Building
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